Uniform Policy

Cheviot Uniform Policy

Cheviot's dress code is as follows:

  • Shirts and blouses must be long enough to remain tucked in all day.
  • Closed-toe shoes or gym shoes are permitted and must be properly fastened at all times. Gym shoes are required for gym class.
  • No hats, scarves or other headwear may be worn inside the building. Girls may wear plain hair bands (no scarves attached).

Boys’ Uniform

  • Pants: Solid color khaki or navy are to be worn. Cargo pants or pants with rivets or patch pockets are not permitted.
  • Shirts: Solid color light or dark yellow, navy or light blue polo-type shirts with a collar. Button down solid uniform shirts in the above colors are also allowed. No white shirts.

Girls’ Uniform

  • Jumper/Skirts: Solid color khaki or navy uniform jumper or skirt may be worn. The hem of the jumpers and skirts must touch the top of the knee cap.
  • Tights and leggings must be yellow, navy or brown. Leggings are for cold-weather layering only.
  • Slacks: Solid color khaki pants or navy are to be worn. Cargo pants with rivets, patch pockets and/or knit slacks (stretch/exercise) are not permitted.
  • Blouse: Solid light or dark yellow, navy or light blue blouses or polo-type shirt with a collar. No white shirts.

Warm Weather Uniform

During the months of August, September, May and June, students have the option of wearing the regulation uniform with solid khaki walking shorts. No knit, spandex, Lycra or multi-layered shorts are permitted. All other clothing must meet the regulation uniform code. At the principal’s discretion, shorts may be deemed appropriate in other months due to unseasonably warm weather.

Cool Weather Layers

Non-print navy or yellow cardigans or Cheviot logo non-hooded sweatshirts may be worn to keep students warm.

Cheviot Rams Spirit Days — To be announced

Cheviot T-shirts, sweatshirts, hometown sports teams (Cincinnati Reds/Bengals) can be worn with neat jeans on dates announced by flier only.

Where can school uniforms be purchased?

School Belles of Cincinnati
5718 Harrison Ave
Cincinnati, Oh 45248
(513) 921-3417

6150 Glenway Ave
Cincinnati, Oh 45211
(513) 719-1076

2322 Ferguson Rd
Cincinnati, Oh 45211
(513) 922-8881

6550 Harrison Ave
Cincinnati, Oh 45247
(513) 598-2000