Gifted and Exceptional

Vision 2020: Gifted
Cincinnati Gifted Academy is expanding to Cheviot School on the West side of town where qualified students will enjoy a rigorous environment that is flexible enough to meet the needs of each student.

Vision 2020: Gifted and Exceptional

Students collaborate on engineering a bridge from gumdrops and spaghettiLeadership is a concept most don’t normally embrace when thinking of children. At Cheviot School, we create leaders by helping students discover their own strengths and allowing them to shine. As a Leader in Me school, our students apply author Steven Covey’s "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," which helps them unleash their potential to lead lives that positively influence others.

We cultivate top scholars through proven teaching methods used to spark each student’s natural interest in learning — laying a strong foundation for high school and beyond. Our formula helps students learn to think critically, work collaboratively and act boldly — preparing them for leadership when their opportunities arise.

Cincinnati Gifted Academy West at Cheviot School

Gifted and exceptional students in grades 3-6 will blossom in Cheviot School’s Gifted Academy, a rigorous environment that is flexible enough to meet individual learning needs. Teachers design learning experiences to be academically challenging, while stimulating personal growth and encouraging students to contribute to the community. The goal is to develop the "whole child," and education is complemented by instruction in arts enrichment and Latin to prepare students to excel in the Special College Preparatory Program available at Walnut Hills High School.

Program benefits include:

  • Teachers who are certified as specialists to instruct gifted students
  • Instruction differentiated within the classroom to allow students to excel at their own pace
  • Technology infused into the classroom to enrich and accelerate learning
  • Problem-based learning experiences that keep students engaged and demonstrate real-world application
  • Field trips and guests that provide enrichment opportunities

Gifted and Exceptional Eligibility

Students eligible for Cincinnati Gifted Academy West have the following gifted markers:

  • Rank at the Superior Cognitive level on a cognitive abilities test


  • Score at the 95th percentile or higher in two of the following subjects on the Terra Nova or other standardized achievement test: Reading, Math, Social Studies or Science. One of the two subjects must be either Math or Reading.

Qualification for entrance to Cincinnati Gifted Academy West is based on 2nd-grade scores on state-approved assessments.  

For more information about gifted and exceptional eligibility, contact CPS’ Test Administration Office at (513) 363-0180.

For more information about Cincinnati Gifted Academy West, please call (513) 363-0567.

The Cheviot School Advantage

  • Small class sizes and individualized attention
  • Highly qualified, caring teachers with advanced degrees
  • All-day preschool and kindergarten classes
  • Free breakfast program for all students
  • Robust before- and after-school program that offers music, dance, culture club, tutoring, homework assistance, field trips, tennis, special events and more
  • Free tutoring provided by teachers and community partners both during and after school
  • Regular art, music, and physical education classes for all students
  • A uniform policy for all students
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs
  • A Walking School Bus to get students to and from school safely each day
  • School wellness programs that promote healthy eating, ample exercise and strong character
  • A full-time Resource Coordinator who secures partners that provide a wealth of mental, cognitive and character supports to help students succeed
  • Leadership clubs and opportunities for all students, grades preK-6
  • Girls and Boys soccer for grades 3-6
  • Chess Club for all students in grades 2, 3, & 4

To enroll your child in Cheviot School, call (513) 363-1400.