We are very proud to be a Community Learning Center that provides services to engage, educate and support our students, their families and our community. We have partners on site that provide an array of services. We also have countless other partners, including community volunteers and an active PTO, that focus on the whole student throughout their journey with us.

To learn more about how your company or organization can become a Community Learning Center partner or volunteer, please contact Mr. Onyango Collier at (513) 363-1465.

Our Partners

ABC – Activities Beyond the Classroom — Provides girls’ soccer and in-school tennis program (grades 4-6).

Academy of Kung Fu and Tai Chi — Provides students and families in the community with health and wellness needs in regards to self-defense (grades K-6).

Adopt-a-Book — Assists in providing books for students at the school (grades K-6).

The Allegiance Project CPS Walking School Bus — Dedicated adults provide safe routes to school for students (grades K-6).

American Graduate Reading Program (CET) — Provide a reading program for students using PBS characters (grades K, 1, and 4).

American Lung Association — Provides a health program for the students to better understand asthma (grades K-6).

Beech Acres Parenting Center — Supports the mental health needs of students at the school by providing crisis support and assisting the parents with parenting strategies (grades K-6).

Be the Change — Provides tutors to assist students in core subjects.

Boy Scouts of America — Provides an in-school program to promote responsibility and leadership (grades 1-6).

Cheviot Fire Fighters — Provides education to the students around fire safety or any other emergencies (grades K-6).

Cheviot Methodist Church Member - Tutor/Literacy Network — Provides tutoring for identified students who have a need for extra assistance in a particular core subject (grades 2 and 4).

Cheviot Westwood Council Association of Business (CWCA) — Provides various business supports to the school to meet a multitude of needs (grades K-6).

Cincinnatus Savings and Loans — Provides a school banking program for students (grades K-6).

City on the Hill Xchange Program — Provides mentorship for the sixth grade (grade 6).

Cris Collinsworth In-School ProScan Chess Instructional Program — Provides students with chess instruction to improve strategic thinking (grades 2-3).

Deaconess Dental — Provides dental treatment every Wednesday in January and February (grades K-6).

Dental Sealant Program — Provides students with dental care (grades K-6).

Franklin Covey’s Leader in Me — Provides students with Leadership opportunities (grades K-6).

Freestore Foodbank Power Pack — Provides additional food for students who are in need (grades K-6).

Fuel Up to Play 60 — To promote a healthy active lifestyle for the students (grades K-6).

Girl Scouts — Provides an in-school conflict resolution program and have girls participate in an array of activities (grades K-6).

Girls on the Run — Promotes a healthy lifestyle for female students by running and being active.

Inspirational Baptist Church — Provides students with school supplies, gifts and tutoring (grades K-6).

LaSalle Student Tutoring — Provides tutoring for students that have been identified needing extra assistance (grades 2 and 4).

Learning Through Art, Inc. Books Alive — Provides students and families with entertainment (grades K-6).

Literacy Network — Provides tutors to assist students with reading assignments and activities (grades 2 and 6).

Mercy High School Student Tutoring — Provides in-school tutoring for students (grade 1).

M.O. R. E. Program – Men of Respect and Education — Provides students with academic and cultural support (grades 4-6).

Mt. St. Joseph University Student Tutoring and Service Learning — Provides students with tutoring and homework during and after school (grades K-6).

The One Sight Vision Center — Provides students with eye exams and eye wear (grades K-6).

Projetech — Provides instructional IT support to staff.

Rams on the Run — Promotes a healthy lifestyle for male and female students by running and staying active.

Seton High School Student Tutoring — Provides after-school tutoring and homework help (grades K-6).

West High Basketball Team — Provides students with basic instructional basketball skills (grades 4-6).

YMCA — Provides tutoring in the Literacy lab and before & after school care (grades K-6).